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What is a cone beam CT?

A cone beam CT is an advanced, 3D imaging device used in the dental field to produce high-resolution radiographs.

What parts of the maxillofacial area can a cone beam CT show?

This equipment shows not only your teeth, jaw, and gum tissues, but also your sinuses, nasal cavity, and nerve canals.

What does CT stand for in cone beam CT?

CT stands for computed tomography. Tomo means cut or slice while graph means picture.

How does a cone beam CT differ from a traditional dental X-ray?

Traditional dental X-rays produce 2D images that only show your teeth. A cone beam CT creates a complete 3D image of your mouth using a cone-shaped beam. Cone beams also put out higher radiation levels than traditional X-rays, but these levels are lower than a medical CT.

What is a cone beam CT used to diagnose?

This technology can detect health problems like TMJ disorder, sleep apnea, jaw tumors, etc.

What treatment plans need the use of a cone beam CT?

A cone beam CT is usually only used as an aid for complex treatment plans like orthodontic care, impacted teeth, orthognathic surgery, root canal therapy, dental implant placement, and oral surgery.

How do I prepare for a cone beam CT?

We ask that you remove all jewelry, because it can impede the effectiveness of the scanner. Also remember to tell our dentist if there is a possibility that you are pregnant. The cone beam CT will only take one minute to scan your mouth; you will stand in place as the arm of the device moves around your head.