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If you have ever wondered why your child’s six-month dental visits matter, you are not alone. Even though their teeth may not be permanent, their oral health sets the foundation for healthy teeth coming in. And even though we sometimes get so busy we may be tempted to skip these regular cleanings, but they are vital for several reasons. Our dental team is here to keep your child smiling by:

— Helping them care for their teeth and gums.

— Detecting potential problems while they are still in the early stages.

— Provide appropriate treatment.

First, we will look for cavities and determine where plaque and tartar is accumulating. Plaque is that sticky bacterial film that coats teeth and gums, requiring daily removal or it will mineralize and need professional dental tools to remove. If tartar is allowed to build up and dental cleanings are skipped it can result in tooth decay and gum disease.

We will evaluate your child’s gum health to make sure they are healthy and correctly spaced around the teeth, because spaces between teeth and gums increase with gum disease. We will also check for abnormalities and review any treatment necessary based on the dental conditions we uncover.

The next step after diagnosing is cleaning. Your child’s teeth and gums will be thoroughly cleaned, using scaling tools to remove tartar buildup from their teeth and below the gum line. To remove stains on the teeth, they will be polished with a gritty paste after scaling. After the teeth are cleaned we floss them to remove oral debris trapped between the teeth and the gum line. Finally, we review any brushing and flossing techniques your child may need to take good care of their teeth and gums at home. Along with scheduled dental exams and cleanings, we recommend the following to ensure your child’s healthy smile:

— Brushing teeth at least two times a day for two minutes each time.

— Flossing thoroughly at least once a day.

— Using a plaque-reducing mouthwash after cleaning mouth.

Six month dental cleanings will make a big difference for your child’s beautiful smile. To schedule a visit with Dr. Ryan P. Lehmkuhler, please call our First Dental team in Venice, Florida at 620-225-5154 today!