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Quite a few of our patients in Dodge City, Kansas have successfully used the ClearCorrect™ clear aligner system to straighten their smiles. Dr. Ryan Lehmkuhler is pleased to offer this alignment system for our patients who want straight teeth without having to wear braces with brackets and wires.

Wearing aligners for 22 hours a day to straighten your smile means you will also want to care for them to maintain their integrity. Today we would like to go over the best way to care for your clear aligners and ensure their clarity and sanitation while you wear them.

Rinse: When you take your aligners out, rinse them well with cold water. Your goal is to remove bacteria accumulation and saliva buildup before putting them back in after you eat or brush your teeth.

Temperature: Water temperature is key, never clean your aligners with hot water as it can warp your aligners and affect their integrity. This also means running them through the dishwasher is a bad idea.

Oral hygiene: Once you remove the aligners to grab a snack or eat a meal, please be sure to brush and floss your teeth to remove food particles which could lead to bacterial growth and tooth decay.

 Cleaning solution: It is safe to clean your aligners with antibacterial soap as long as you rinse them carefully to remove residue. Don’t clean your aligners with toothpaste as it can scratch the material and make the aligners more noticeable when you wear them.

 Sanitation: While it seems like sanitizing your aligners with mouthwash would be a great way to remove germs, mouthwashes containing green or blue coloring can also tint your aligners resulting in the alteration of their clear color. You can safely soak them in some denture or retainer cleaner which is colorless to avoid discoloring them

If you have any questions about caring for your clear aligners in Dodge City, Kansas, you can always call First Dental at 620-225-5154. Dr. Ryan Lehmkuhler and our team look forward to helping you straighten your smile as smoothly as possible with ClearCorrect!