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Are you prepared for potential oral emergencies? Have you taken the time to set up an effective treatment plan if your teeth and gums become damaged? Although your first option should always to seek professional help immediately, the time until help arrives could be vital to ensure the best chance of success.

Listed below are a few examples of oral emergencies and their effective treatment plans:

Objects stuck in teeth:

– If an object has become lodged in your teeth, try using specialized interdental cleaners to remove the object, including dental floss or a water flosser, but never use a sharp or pointed tool to try and remove the object.

Cracked Tooth:

– If you crack a tooth, excessive bleeding may occur from the wound, which you should wash out to ensure it is sanitized, and then apply gauze until the bleeding stops.

Lost Crown or Filling:

– A lost dental crown should be covered with a cotton swab patted in clove oil, whereas a lost filling should be covered with chewing gum or dental cement.

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