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Dr. Ryan Lehmkuhler and his dental care professionals are devoted to caring for your oral care needs. At every examination, we check for signs of oral cancer in the neck, throat, gums, lips, and cheeks. Signs we look for are regular sores, odd tissues, unusual discoloration, and lumps that indicate any mark of oral cancer.

If there is any sign of oral cancer, abnormal cells are looked for with an oral brush biopsy. A brush scrapes off cells in the suspicious area then taken to be observed. To get a full analysis, you may have to receive a scalpel biopsy.

Your dentist or a suggested professional by your dentist performs a scalpel biopsy using local anesthesia to carefully remove the questionable tissue. To stop any spreading or growth, it will be fully tested for cancer. In order to remove cancer growth, chemotherapy or radiation therapy follows surgery (cutting out cancerous tissue) to get rid of any remaining cells.

You can look for signs of oral cancer at home by conducting a self-exam once a month, looking and feeling around the gums and mouth for any indications. You may also strongly consider not smoking or using tobacco, drinking alcohol in moderation, maintaining a good diet and exercise regimen.

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