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Each dental checkup at our dental office in Dodge City, Kansas, starts with a professional dental hygienist performing a thorough dental cleaning. This will remove all plaque and calculus from your teeth. Once this is done they will polish your teeth with a mild abrasive to remove minor dental stains and brighten your smile.

Next, one of our dentists, Dr. Ryan Lehmkuhler or Dr. Katie Asbjornson will examine your mouth for any signs of cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. This also includes monitoring the strength of your tooth enamel. If they find any signs of demineralization on your teeth they might recommend adding a simple fluoride treatment to the end of your dental checkup.

Then, your dentist will administer the treatment by pouring a small amount of concentrated fluoride gel into trays. They will be inserted in your mouth with a suction wand to catch any excess saliva or stay fluoride. You should avoid eating or drinking for an hour after the treatment. This will allow the fluoride to deeply penetrate the enamel of your teeth.

If you live in Dodge City, Kansas and are due for your next dental checkup, you should call 620-225-5154 to schedule a dental checkup at First Dental. Drs. Lehmkuhler and Asbjornson are here to help you with all of your dental care needs!