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Do you need a root canal? A root canal is a procedure traditionally used to fix or protect a tooth that has suffered irreversible damage to the pulp within the root canal of a tooth. The pulp is the life-force of a tooth, as it contains essential nerve endings, connective tissues, and blood vessels for the tooth. If the pulp in a tooth is damaged or infected, it will need to be treated as soon as possible with a root canal treatment if there is any hope of saving a tooth.

Oral accidents and injuries are a way of life, and if you do happen to suffer an injury that damages a tooth, it may still be possible to save it, even if the tooth has been split open. However, there is often a strong risk that the pulp is damaged too, which would require root canal therapy in addition to any tooth restoration that must be done.

In some instances, constant wear and tear on teeth from dental erosion or previous dental procedures can expose the root of the tooth to outside sources. If harmful bacteria enter your pulp and infect it, the tooth will require a root canal.

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