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As you grow older, you’ll have to deal with different health issues. From visits with different types of doctors to regular monitoring of your knees and back, there’s a lot to keep track of.

One of those problems is dental health. We don’t often keep track of this issue, but it’s something that we should. Just like you have to be more careful not to break a bone or pull too many all-nighters the older you get, you have to do a bit more to take care of your teeth.

What do I do?
Remember that saying about teaching an old dog new tricks? The same goes for your teeth. Regular visits with Drs. Lehmkuhler or Dr. Asbjornson are critical to keeping your teeth in the best shape possible – from your first tooth to your last.

You can always start new oral health habits at an older age, but it’s hard to maintain. That’s a common problem we see here at First Dental in Dodge City, Kansas.

Keep up the oral health
These are two tricks you should be a master at by now. This makes all the difference in the world, and can really be what determines if you need dentures and implants, or get to keep your real teeth.

Mouthwash use is always a good idea as well. It’ll help in more ways than one.

You need to remember that teaching old teeth new tricks don’t always work in time to stave off cavities and other problems. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 620-225-5154.