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When the molars and premolars develop cavities, they can often turn into large areas of tooth decay that require prompt restorative dentistry to protect your oral health. If you suspect you have a cavity in one or more teeth, we encourage you to schedule a visit with Drs. Lehmkuhler or Dr. Asbjornson right away. If your cavity is still moderate, our dentist may use a dental inlay or dental onlay for conservative dental restoration.

Typically, we create dental inlays and onlays out of porcelain material that is custom colored to your smile and choose the type of restoration based on the size and location of your tooth decay. Tooth decay restricted to the biting surface of a back tooth can often receive a dental inlay, while tooth decay that reached over to the sides of the tooth may require a dental onlay for more extensive treatment.

However, when tooth decay becomes severe, it can call for more extensive treatment to repair a lot of decay or replace a lost dental filling. If the remaining structure is insufficient for an inlay or onlay, another option is to place a dental crown, and this is done after the rest of the tooth enamel has been removed and an abutment made of the tooth. The custom crown is then created by a dental lab and placed by our dentist.

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