Important Care Tips for Your New Bridge

Your new bridge represents a serious investment in restoring one of your lost or damaged teeth. Even though it’s made from an artificial material that will not decay in the presence of oral bacteria, your new bridge will still require some basic care and oral hygiene attention. Hardened tartar, formed... Read more »

What is a Tongue Scraper?

You know that if you want to enjoy good oral health, you need to brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily, but did you know there are other things you can do to improve your oral health? Naturally, we recommend considering all of your options when it comes... Read more »

Do You Suffer with Night-Time Teeth Grinding?

Bruxism, or grinding your teeth in your sleep, is a relatively common occurrence, nearly 70% brought on by stress or anxiety, according to the Bruxism Association, which is based in the U.K. Other contributing factors for teeth grinding in your sleep include sleep apnea, smoking, caffeine or alcohol consumption, or... Read more »

Cavities: Are you Predisposed?

Do you brush and floss your teeth regularly, but still get cavities? Conversely, do you know anyone who seems to skate by without ever having a cavity? If you do, you aren't alone. You see, many people are predisposed to cavities because of genetics. In fact, individuals with soft tooth... Read more »

Why Six Month Dental Visits Make a Difference for Your Child’s Smile

If you have ever wondered why your child’s six-month dental visits matter, you are not alone. Even though their teeth may not be permanent, their oral health sets the foundation for healthy teeth coming in. And even though we sometimes get so busy we may be tempted to skip these... Read more »

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month for Americans

With April around the corner, are you ready for oral and throat cancer awareness? April is designated oral cancer awareness month, a time where the American dental community creates public awareness for this potentially fatal disease. The dental community finds themselves in a unique position to help patients spot the... Read more »

How Saliva Helps You

While everyone reaps the benefit of healthy saliva production, not everyone knows what goes into it. Saliva is the clear liquid which the glands in your mouth produce, known as salivary glands. Saliva is comprised mainly of water and travels to the mouth through tubes called salivary ducts. Along with... Read more »

FAQ About A Cone Beam CT

What is a cone beam CT? A cone beam CT is an advanced, 3D imaging device used in the dental field to produce high-resolution radiographs. What parts of the maxillofacial area can a cone beam CT show? This equipment shows not only your teeth, jaw, and gum tissues, but also... Read more »

Whitening Toothpaste Is a Popular Way to Remove Minor Stains on Teeth

The natural processes of aging along with factors like tobacco use, staining foods and drink can cause unappealing stains on your teeth. How deeply stained your teeth are will directly influence the whitening products or procedures needed to give you a bright, white smile. Make sure you talk to your... Read more »

Full Mouth Reconstruction: Is if Right for You?

If you need dental work, we recommend scheduling an appointment soon. Unfortunately, sometimes a routine treatment isn’t enough for some patient’s problems. In fact, some patients need a full mouth reconstruction. A full mouth reconstruction is typically reserved for patients who need extensive work—whether they lost teeth through trauma, disease,... Read more »